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We're so close!!

We are very nearly ready to open the doors to Augusta Hope the new florist shop at La Hogue Farm Shop, Chippenham. We are located in the old wine cellar and we have a few little surprises that we have kept from the wine shop days. Sadly we haven't found a case of vintage champagne but were still looking!

We have a wonderful collection of vintage china and props for wedding and event hire as well as some more modern pieces and we are always looking, hunting and buying to add to the collection.

We are also going to stock a selection of beautiful headdresses and tiara's for brides and bridesmaids to wear boho chic and a little more classical for those that don't fancy flower crown. These can be designed with you colours or to include your favourite bit of jewellery and we can work with you to get exactly what you are dreaming of.

The main event of course will be the flowers. Not only will you be able to order stunning bouquets and arrangements you will also find little bunches of beautifulness for under £10 so always worth treating yourself to brighten up the home for the weekend.

Valentine's day is fast approaching and we will be ready. If you don't fancy red roses tell your spouse, partner or boyfriend, I guarantee you will get more for your money if you choose another colour.

Well I best get back to prepping for the opening so I will sign off now. We can't wait to meet you. Keep your eyes peeled for details of our launch party! Bye for now. AH xxx

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